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Chikubushima | Celebrating the culture of water and prayer.
The island where the gods live is wrapped in a pleasant and mysterious mood.

竹生島 | 水と祈りの文化を称えて。

Chikubu Island, which floats in the northern part of Lake Biwa. Since ancient times, it has attracted people's faith as an island where gods live. Asai Hime no Mikoto was enshrined here, and it has taken root in the area as a god of water that protects the safe passage of ships passing through the area.

It is counted as one of the Eight Views of Lake Biwa as “The Shadow of Deep Green Bamboo Island”, and it is also mentioned in the Tale of the Heike “Chikubushima Visit” and Noh song “Chikubushima” as an island with mysterious beauty.

"Chikubushima", the entire island of which is designated as a national scenic spot and historic site. Surrounded by sheer rock walls, this island is home to temples and shrines such as Tsukubusuma Shrine and Hogonji Temple, which exude a mystical power.



I took a sightseeing boat from Hikone Port to Chikubu Island. There are also boats leaving from Nagahama Port.
A boat trip of about 30 minutes. I swayed while feeling the spray of the waves up close.


I arrived at the dock and landed on Chikubushima. The roofs of Hogonji Temple and Tsukubusuma Shrine can be seen from between the lush green mountains.


Torii at the majestic Tsukuosuma Shrine overlooking the lake. It is a pure sight that sharpens the mind.
It is said that the graceful main shrine that spreads out between the mountains is the relocated Tsukarikishiden of Fushimi Momoyama Castle donated by Hideyoshi.


In the main hall, which is a national treasure, you can see Momoyama art in the fusuma, pillars, and transoms. It is said that the fusuma and ceiling paintings were by Mitsunobu Kano.


A beautiful worship hall that appears in the Tale of the Heike. There was a parent and child playing kawara(Japanese roof tile) throw. It is said that if you write your wish on a small unglazed plate and throw it towards the torii gate standing on the rocks, your wish will come true after you pass through the torii gate.


Hogonji Temple on Chikubu Island boasts one of Japan's three major Sarasvati. To get to the main hall, you have to climb 165 stone steps called the Prayer Stairs. The principal images are Benzaiten and thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara. Since the Middle Ages, it has been bustling with many pilgrims.


Chikubushima is the second largest island after Okishima in Lake Biwa with a circumference of 2km. It is said that the name of the island is derived from “Isuku(=cherish god) Island”, and “Itsukushima” in it changed to “Tsukubusuma” and became “Chikubu Island”.
A new, miraculous island where the culture of water and prayer lives on. When visiting Lake Biwa, be sure to take a cruise and visit.


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Celebrating the culture of water and prayer.
The island where the gods live is wrapped in a pleasant and mysterious mood.

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Tsukuobusuma Shrine
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Hogonji Temple
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