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Chomei-ji Temple

Chomei-ji Temple | Impressive view. The taste of mother Lake Biwa and overlapping tiled roofs.

長命寺 | 見晴らしのよいところ。母なる琵琶湖と重なり合う瓦屋根の趣。

A gentle autumn scent. Surround with a pleasant chill.
“If you ask me where in Omi is the most beautiful, I would answer around Chomei-ji Temple.”
-This is a passage written by Masako Shirasu, who loved Omi, in "Omi Sangasho".


Climb a long stone stairway of 808 steps from near the shore of Lake Biwa. Chomei-ji Temple is the sacred site of Saigoku 33 Temples No. 31 Fudasho. It is said that there is a blessing of good health, longevity, and good health, as the poem says, “If you pray to Avalokiteshvara carved from a sacred willow tree, you will be guided in your life.”


If you look back, you can see the beautiful scenery of the tiled roofs of many temples overlapping each other.


Chomei-ji Temple has a long history, dating back to the era of Emperor Keiko in the late 3rd or early 4th century. It is said that Takenouchi no Sukune, a loyal retainer who lived for more than 300 years and served five emperors, carved the words “Long life expectancy and fulfillment of various wishes” on a local willow tree and prayed for longevity.


Some time later Prince Shotoku came to this mountain when he visited various countries. It is said that when He found the words “Long life expectancy and fulfillment of various wishes” carved by Sukune, he carved Eleven-headed-Avalokiteshvara out of the willow and enshrined it. It is said that it was named Chomei-ji Temple (Chomei means longevity in Janpanese) because of the longevity miracle of Sukune.


Many nationally designated important cultural properties are enshrined here. And it is a temple with a very long history, with all of its buildings being cultural properties designated by the prefecture or the city.


After passing through the main hall and going further inside, there stood Tarobo Gongensha.
The enshrined deity, Tarobo, entered Hieizan Enryakuji Temple at the age of 12, and after undergoing severe training, moved to Mount Atago in Kyoto.
According to legend, Tarobo, who felt nostalgic for Chomei-ji Temple, threw a large rock nearby, and it stuck in the precincts of Chomei-ji Temple. Today, the legendary rock between the worship hall and the main hall is an object of worship as a "flying stone."


The view of Lake Biwa from Tarobo Gongensha is breathtakingly beautiful. Is this the place that Masako Shirasu once praised as “the most beautiful place in Omi”? Next time, I would like to see the surface of the lake dyed in the madder sunset.


about this venue

Chomei-ji Temple

Location: 157 Chomeijicho, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone: 0748-33-0031

所在地: 滋賀県近江八幡市長命寺町157
電話: 0748-33-0031


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