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Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa | A silent waterfront where your heart calms down.
-The story begins here.

琵琶湖 | 心が凪いでいく、穏やかな水辺。

A world filled with fresh air. I watched the sun set over the lake. A lake that has been the source of all life since ancient times. A source of blessings that has become deeply rooted in people's lives.

Boasting more than 60 endemic species, it boasts a precious natural environment, and is a national asset that is indispensable for the lives of approximately 14.5 million people in the Kinki region and for the development of industry.



Lake Biwa, Japan's largest freshwater lake, is located in Shiga Prefecture. About 4 million years ago, a small shallow lake (Lake Oyamada) formed near present-day Iga City, Mie Prefecture. After that, the ground collapsed due to fault movement, and the earth and sand filled the depression, changing its shape and moving to the present. It is said that the current Lake Biwa has been fixed in this place for at least about 400,000 years.


Lake Biwa is one of the oldest lakes in the world. It is one of the rare ancient lakes, of which there are only about 20 in the world. Common lakes disappear after about 10,000 years due to sedimentation, but lakes with a history of more than 100,000 years and endemic species are called ancient lakes.


The amount of water is about 27.5 billion tons. This is equivalent to about 11 years' worth of water used by the approximately 14.5 million people in the Yodo River basin who use the water of Lake Biwa in a day. You can see how precious and rich the water source is.


After an eternity of time, the organisms of Lake Biwa have evolved in a unique way, giving birth to endemic species that can only be found in Lake Biwa in the world. It has been reported that more than 1,700 species of aquatic plants and animals inhabit Lake Biwa, of which more than 60 are said to be endemic to Lake Biwa. It is truly a treasure trove of living things.


“A lake where you can swim, a lake where you can play” -Lake Biwa is like the sea. There is a bathing beach and a marina, and about 700,000 people visit every year. You can also enjoy lake sports such as yachting and canoeing. The lake shore is flat and stretches endlessly, making it ideal for walking and cycling.


For a long time, the people of Omi have lived with Lake Biwa.
I had a feeling that the story would start from this place that people call “that bench”.


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Lake Biwa

A silent waterfront where your heart calms down.
-The story begins here.

Location: Shiga Prefecture


所在地: 滋賀県