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Tennei-ji Temple

Tennei-ji Temple | The heart of the Ii family. The exquisite beauty of the 500 Arhats spreads beyond the door.

天寧寺 | 井伊家の心の拠り所。扉を開けた先に広がる、得も言われぬ五百羅漢の絶佳

A temple of the Soto sect that stands on a small hill overlooking the castle town. In 1819, Ii Naonaka accused and punished Wakatake, who was his lodger, for his misconduct. After that, he found out that his opponent was his son, admitted his fault, and built it to mourn Wakatake and his first grandson.


Along with the temple, Naonaka commissioned Choun Komai, a master craftsman in Kyoto, to create 500 wooden arhats. The countless arhat statues that jump into the moment you open the door of the Rakan Hall are truly a masterpiece. It is said that if you want to meet your deceased parents, children, or loved ones, you should hide in the Rakan Hall.


After that, it became a private place for the Ii family to visit when they were in doubt and face themselves. Is it like a confession room in Christianity? It felt like the air was oozing with sad thoughts.


There are various stone monuments in the precincts. One of them is the memorial tower for Naosuke Ii. After he died in the 'Sakuradamongai Incident,' his blood-stained relics were quickly brought back to Hikone and buried in this Tennei-ji Temple, which Naosuke loved as his heartfelt home.


You can also see stone monuments of important historical figures familiar to the people of Hikone. The tomb of Shuzen Nagano, a scholar of Japanese classical literature and a poet, who played an active role as the sword of Tairo Naosuke Ii. And there is a stone monument of Taka Murayama, a talented woman who supported the Tairo with Shuzen.


Hoteison, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Omi, is enshrined behind the Rakan-do Hall. With a height of 1.2 meters and a weight of 300 kilograms, it is said to be the largest wooden Hoteison in Japan, and many people visit to seek its blessings.


A temple filled with sorrow that has been the heart of the Ii family for generations. It is also a place where you can get a glimpse of the history of the Omi people who have been close to the Ii family.


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Tennei-ji Temple

Location: 232 Satonemachi, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone number: 0749-22-5313