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Mangetsuji Ukimido

Mangetsuji Ukimido | “Ukimido with raindrops of May rain”- A beautiful view of nature from the middle of the lake.

満月寺浮御堂 | 「五月雨の雨垂ばかり浮御堂」−湖中からの風化雪月の眺望

Ukimido, one of the eight scenic spots in Omi, is famous as Katata's falling geese. It is a scene of a flock of geese swooping down from the sky. The beautiful scene seems to come to mind as one gazes at the surface of the lake, which reflects the morning sun and quietly rustles.


Ukimido is located at the narrowest part of Lake Biwa and is a Zen temple called Kaimonzan Mangetsuji Temple and belongs to Murasakino Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto. Around 995, during the reign of Emperor Ichijo (the Chotoku era), Eshin Sozu Genshin, who lived at Yokawa Eshin-in Temple on Mt. Hiei carved 1,000 Amitabha statues himself and called them 'Senbutsukaku' and 'Thousand Buddha temples', and started by praying for the safety of boats on the lake and the salvation of all people. Eshin Sozu Genshin is the author of "Ojoyoshu", which had a great influence on Japanese religious thought and established the foundation of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. He is a person who is looked up to as the sixth ancestor of Shinshu sect.


Ukimido that sticks out into the lake. You can see Mt. Ibuki, Mt. Chomeiji, Mt. Omi Fuji (Mt. Mikami), Okinoshima to the east, and the Hira mountain range and Mt. Hiei to the west. It is a place with superb scenery, and each season has its own flavor, and the old pine tree on the grounds is also suitable for a quiet temple area.


Since ancient times, Katata has been close to Kyoto and has been an important point for transportation on the lake.
“Ukimido full of raindrops in May rain” Near the main gate, there is a blue ridge monument that depicts the beauty of Ukimido that is wet in May rain.


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Mangetsuji Ukimido

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