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Dejima Lighthouse

Dejima Lighthouse | A black-painted lighthouse that protects the safety of the lake and continues to shine a light in people's hearts.

出島の灯台 | 湖上の安全を守り、人々の心に光を灯し続ける黒塗りの灯台

Stroll through Katata in the early morning. A place that used to be an important point for transportation on the lake, dividing the northern and southern lakes of Lake Biwa. Its history has always been with the history of the Great Lakes. Enryaku-ji Temple, which owned Katata, established a checkpoint on the lake called 'Katataura,' and Kamo granted the right of passage on the lake. It is said that the town prospered against the background of such strong lake rights.


Head north along the lakeshore toward Lake Biwa Bridge. The towering Dejima Lighthouse is a black-painted wooden structure, which is rare for a lighthouse.


The Katata area is the narrowest area in the east-west direction of Lake Biwa, which stretches long and narrow from north to south. It is a place that should be called a key point of water transportation in Lake Biwa.


It was in 1875 (Meiji 8) that the Dejima Lighthouse was built in Katata. It was established for the purpose of safety of water traffic, triggered by the tragic accident that 47 people lost their lives due to the capsizing accident of the Manga Maru. Since then, it has served as the only lighthouse on Lake Biwa, and although it ended its role as a lighthouse in 1951 (Showa 26), it was reopened due to its scarcity value.


The land of Katata has prospered since ancient times as an important point for lake transportation. The lighthouse still shines in people's hearts.


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Dejima Lighthouse

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