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Shirahige Shrine

Shirahige Shrine | A fantastic world of gods floating in the lake. A vermilion-lacquered large torii gate dyed in the morning glow.

白鬚神社 | 湖中に浮かぶ幻想的な神の世界。朝焼けに染まる朱塗りの大鳥居

Shirahige Shrine, with its striking vermilion torii gate that seems to float in Lake Biwa, is the oldest shrine in Omi, with a history of about 2,000 years. According to the shrine records, in the 25th year of the reign of Emperor Suinin, Princess Yamatohime no Mikoto built the shrine, and in 675, with the imperial edict of Emperor Tenmu, the shrine name “Hira Myojin” was given.


The enshrined deity, Sarutahiko no Mikoto, is the deity who led the way when Ninigi no Mikoto, the grandson of heaven, descended. known as the god of Sarutahiko-no-mikoto, who is enshrined at Shirahige Shrine, looks like an old man with gray hair and a white beard, and is the god of longevity, from which the name of the shrine is derived.
Shirahige Shrine has been widely known under the names of "Shirahige-san" and "Myojin-san." It is also called 'Itsukushima of Omi'.

御祭神の猿田彦命(さるたひこのみこと)は、天孫(てんそん) 瓊瓊杵尊(ににぎのみこと) 降臨の際に先頭に立って道案内をされた神で、導き・道開きの神として知られている。白髭神社に祀られている猿田彦命は、白髪で白い鬚を蓄えた老人のお姿で、御社名の由来にもなっている長寿神である。「白鬚さん」「明神さん」の名で広く親しまれてきた。「近江の厳島(いつくしま)」とも呼ばれている。

It is said that there has been a torii in the lake in front of Shirahige Myojin since ancient times. A torii gate in the lake is also depicted in the Muromachi period folding screen picture "Omi Famous Places" and the Edo period picture scroll of Shirahige Shrine.
A vermilion-lacquered large torii gate dyed in the morning glow. Combined with the quiet surface of the lake, there was a fantastic world where you could feel the presence of God.


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Shirahige Shrine

Location: 215 Ugawa, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture
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