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Okamura Honke

Okamura Honke | The rich blessings for the land and people of Omi. A sake brewery that has been passed down since the Ansei period.

岡村本家 | 近江豊かな恵みを、近江の土地と人々のために。安政より受け継がれた酒蔵

A land blessed with rich greenery and clear water. This dignified storehouse is located in Toyosato Town, which is surrounded by a lush, blue countryside.


Founded in 1854 (first year of the Ansei era), the company was ordered to produce sake by the Ii family, the lord of the Hikone domain. Since then, the Okamura family has been making sake for the people of Omi and living together there. It is a storehouse that gives you a sense of the weight and dignity of the times.


The sake named “Kinkame” is said to come from the Hikone Domain's famous Konki Castle. It is also known and loved as a symbol of longevity and a talisman of Matsuo Taisha Shrine, the god of alcohol.


Stepping through the curtains and entering, the atmosphere feels as if it has remained unchanged since the Edo period.
Traditional sake brewing continues unchanged through the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras. You can tour the brewery that is currently in production.


When you enter the brewery, you will be greeted by the unique sweet aroma of rice. The rice is steamed all at once in a large koshiki, which is 2 meters in diameter.


This brewery has been producing sake using the “Kibunefukuro Shibori” method that has been used since the Edo period. Although it is hard work to put each piece into a bag and squeeze it, it is gentle on the sake and is not squeezed too much, so the high quality is maintained and the sake lees contain a lot of alcohol.


All rice used as raw materials is "Omi rice". They also obtain rice suitable for sake brewing, such as Ginfubuki and Tamasakae, from farmers within about 10km of the brewery.


On the second floor of the brewery, sake brewing tools that were used until the early Showa period are on display, giving you a glimpse of Omi's sake brewing and its history.


Omi is a production area of high-quality Omi rice, with abundant famous spring water from the Suzuka Mountains. The area has the best conditions for sake brewing, with cold winds blowing from Mt. Ibuki. The idea that the first generation searched for after two years has been passed down since its founding. It was filled with a warm atmosphere that felt like a strong desire to protect Omi's farmland and coexist with the people of Omi, which lies behind good sake brewing.


about this venue

Okamura Honke

Location: 100 Yoshida, Toyosato-cho, Inukami-gun, Shiga Prefecture
Phone number: 0749-35-2538