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Tarobogu | "We never lose. Winning is fast, like the rising sun."
- A palace in the sky where the god of victory dwells.

太郎坊宮 | 「吾れ勝ち負ける事がない。
なお勝つ事の速い事、日の昇るが如し」– 勝利の神宿る天空の宮。

Enshrined deity - God of Tarobogu -
Masaka Akatsukachi Hayahiame no Oshihomimi no Okami

God's name has the meaning of symbolizing victory, saying, "Very victorious, I won. Victory as fast as the rising sun." It has been worshiped as a god who bestows victory and happiness.

御祭神 ― 太郎坊宮の神様 ―


Mt. Tarobo (Mt. Akagami) is a mysterious triangular mountain that protrudes from the Koto Plain in Shiga Prefecture. The appearance of exposed rocks is a sacred and mysterious mountain. Tarobogu Shrine (Aga Shrine), which is located halfway up the mountain, is truly worthy of being called a palace in the sky.
Tarobogu Shrine is said to have been founded about 1,400 years ago. Shintaiyama worship is the most typical Shinto teaching that worships the universe and gives thanks for the blessings of nature.


As the faith of the people deepened and spread, many ascetics began to train on this mountain, and their appearance is known as Tarobo Tengu. Tengu became the guardian deity of the enshrined deity.


Tarobogu's divine virtues were widely known, and Prince Shotoku prayed for the security of the nation and the happiness of all people. It is said that Dengyo Daishi Saicho also visited this shrine and was impressed by his divine virtues, building more than 50 shrines and temples. It is said that Minamoto no Yoshitsune also visited this shrine to pray for the prosperity of the Genji clan, and the 'Yoshitsune Koshikake Rock' that he sat on at that time has been handed down to the present day.


As people's faith deepened in this way, many ascetics began to train at this sacred mountain, and a unique form of faith was established in which Tendai Mountain Buddhism and Shugendo, based on Shinto, intersected.


In front of the main shrine, there are two huge rocks that are dozens of meters high, called Meoto Iwa (Couple Rocks). According to legend, it was pushed open in two by the divine power of the Great God, with a width of 80 cm and a length of 12 m.
It is also said that “those who pass through this rock to pray will immediately see into their sickness and all their wishes will be fulfilled, but those with ill will be caught between the rocks.” Children are taught that if they play a trick or lie, they will be caught between the rocks, and it has become a place of admonishment.


Tarobogu lies as a shrine watching over the town of Omi from the mountains same now as it back then. There are many shrines scattered on both sides of the approach. It would be a good idea to go and pray for victory and happiness while enjoying a walk in the air on Kamiyama.


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"We never lose. Winning is fast, like the rising sun."
- A palace in the sky where the god of victory dwells.

Location: 2247 Kowakicho, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture
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なお勝つ事の速い事、日の昇るが如し」– 勝利の神宿る天空の宮。

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